The purpose of The Yoder Index is to facilitate quality Yoder scholarship by creating a convenient researching tool that enables users to identify where Yoder writes about specific topics, Scriptures, and persons.

Developing a database of this caliber takes time. Phase one of this project entails creating the database, designing the website, and indexing all of Yoder's published books. Future phases will index academic journals and popular level magazines. From this point forward, the database will grow incrementally until it is completed. For purposes of consistency, we have chosen to make no use of the indexes that some of Yoder's books already have.

Though it is still a work in progress, the basic functionality of the database is already in place. Specific topics are retrievable not only when key terms are used, but also when related terms are used (e.g., "Lord's Supper," "Communion," "Eucharist"). Also, whenever key terms are discussed at length, they are bolded so users can identify the most important discussions of their topic.

With partial funding from Shalom Publications, this project is being carried out by John C. Nugent, Branson Parler, and Jason Vance. For the sake of quality and consistency, the indexing process involves two close readings and markings of each book followed by data entry into the searchable database.

Those with suggestions as to how this site might be improved or with funding that will enable us to more quickly contract out web design and database improvement can contact John C. Nugent.

All Yoder's published books (as of 7/12/2013) are included in this database

Anabaptism and Reformation in Switzerland Jewish-Christian Schism Revisited Radical Christian Discipleship
Body Politics Karl Barth and the Problem of War, 2d ed. Real Christian Fellowship
Christian Attitudes to War, Peace, & Revolution Nevertheless Revolutionary Christian Citizenship
Christian Witness to the State Nonviolence: A Brief History Revolutionary Christianity
Discipleship as Political Responsibility Original Revolution Royal Priesthood
End of Sacrifice Pacifist Way of Knowing Theology of Missions
For the Nations Politics of Jesus, 2d ed. To Hear the Word, 2d ed.
Fullness of Christ Preface to Theology War of the Lamb
He Came Preaching Peace Priestly Kingdom When War Is Unjust, 2d ed.

About the contributors to The Yoder Index

John C. Nugent is Professor of Old Testament at Great Lakes Christian College (Lansing, MI). He is the author of The Politics of Yahweh: John Howard Yoder, the Old Testament, and the People of God (Cascade Books, 2011) and the editor of Radical Ecumenicity: Pursuing Unity and Continuity after John Howard Yoder (ACU Press, 2010) and The End of Sacrifice: The Capital Punishment Writings of John Howard Yoder (Herald Press, 2011). For additional information, visit his website at

Branson Parler is Assistant Professor of Theological Studies at Kuyper College (Grand Rapids, MI). He wrote his Ph.D. dissertation on Yoder's theology of culture. He is the author of essays on Yoder which appear in Power and Practices: Engaging the Work of John Howard Yoder (Herald Press, 2009) and Radical Ecumenicity: Pursuing Unity and Continuity after John Howard Yoder (ACU Press, 2010).

Jason Vance recieved his M.Div. from Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary. He currently works at Michigan State University and serves at Delta Community Christian Church (Lansing, MI).

We are grateful to the following people for their assistance:

Chadrick Mahaffey, Josh Kelley, and Kyle Lewis for help with website and database development

Margaryta Teslina, for help with data entry on Nevertheless, Jewish-Christian Schism Revisited, When War Is Unjust, Fullness of Christ, Revolutionary Christianity, Politics of Jesus, Karl Barth, Priestly Kingdom, Christian Attitudes, Theology of Mission

Joel Ickes, for help with data entry on For the Nations, To Hear the Word, Preface to Theology

Heather Bunce, for help with data entry on Body Politics