Indexed Works

All Yoder's published books (as of 7/12/2013) are included in this database

Anabaptism and Reformation in Switzerland Jewish-Christian Schism Revisited Radical Christian Discipleship
Body Politics Karl Barth and the Problem of War, 2d ed. Real Christian Fellowship
Christian Attitudes to War, Peace, & Revolution Nevertheless Revolutionary Christian Citizenship
Christian Witness to the State Nonviolence: A Brief History Revolutionary Christianity
Discipleship as Political Responsibility Original Revolution Royal Priesthood
End of Sacrifice Pacifist Way of Knowing Theology of Missions
For the Nations Politics of Jesus, 2d ed. To Hear the Word, 2d ed.
Fullness of Christ Preface to Theology War of the Lamb
He Came Preaching Peace Priestly Kingdom When War Is Unjust, 2d ed.

Several of Yoder’s essays appear in multiple places. We chose not to index the same essay twice. Any essay that began as an unpublished paper or journal article that was later published in a book is indexed in its book form. Essays that appear in multiple books are indexed in the most recently published book form.

Below is a list of essays from earlier books that were not indexed because they appear in later books.

The Original Revolution (1971)

The Priestly Kingdom (1984)

Royal Priesthood (1994)

For the Nations (1997)

War of the Lamb (2009)